Cannabis is not the usual ingredient people opt for when choosing skin care creams. As it is an odd choice, people miss out on the benefits it contains. CBD is an active ingredient in many creams today, as it combats many of the issues that women face such as puffiness, dark circles, etc.

What is the Benefit of Using an Eye Cream with CBD?

Cannabidiol, or more popularly known as CBD is a special substance that extracts the benefits of the cannabis plant. The company, CBD Bio Care, have researched and formulated the right topical creams that help fight many skin problems. They have made their products to contain all the medicinal properties of the cannabis plant. CBD is one of the chemical substances known as cannabinoids. It represents around 40% of its extracts. It is beaten for first place by tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. These extracts are known to reverse and slow down ageing within women. According to CBD research, the body, including the skin contains, endocannabinoid receptors. That means cannabinoids like THC and CBD can bind with these receptors in the dermis and work their way into cleaning and clearing the skin.

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Hemp Cream

It has been scientifically proven that the under eyes have skin that is ten times thinner than skin on the rest of your body. It’s prone to show signs of ageing, such as dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles and puffiness. Under eyes are very prone to being filled with fluids that bring on the physical aspects of dark circles etc. Under eyes are kept to be elastic, and smooth due to collagen. It is a vital element that helps retain elastic properties and too keep the skin tight. CBD eye cream helps by providing peptides and retinol to boost the production of collagen. The cream also adds moisture, with the help of hyaluronic acid, locks in hydration.

The CBD under eye cream contains hemp oil. The oil is highly infused with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. They are extremely beneficial for the hair, skin and nails. These acids mixed with cannabinoids, become an excellent blend that provides moisture and protection against the sun. This helps the skin glow and stay hydrated.

The under eye cream needs to be used immediately after cleansing, so to give the best results. This helps the pores absorb the product more swiftly. The owners of CBD recommend direct skin contact as it tends to heal faster. The formula consists of a blend of herbs and chemicals along with 6mg of CBD, making this ideal for those pesky fine lines, wrinkles and under eye bags. The cream, once applied, works to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, contains anti-inflammatory properties that help to soothe and tighten the puffiness, as well as helping to even out the skin tone under the eyes. The proper and prolonged use of the CBD under eye cream can give outstanding results and the eye area regain some of its lost firmness and elasticity, as well as remain hydrated and moisturized.