While some women are lucky enough to be born with well endowed brows, not all of us have the same genes in our bodies and as a result there are always a few hairs missing on the brows giving them an uneven look. To make them look beautiful, we have to go through a whole makeup ritual every morning using everything we’ve got in our belt to bring the best into our brows.

But what if we told you that you can have the eye brows of your dreams without consistently using makeup products? What if you had brows that never require any more care in the morning? Thanks to modern bio technology, there is now a process called microblading that will get you brows of your dreams and you’ll never have to use any makeup product ever.

Microblading is a popular procedure in which a makeup artist or a certified microblading tattooist creates a tattoo on top of your eyes that stay with you for the next few years. The best part is that these tattoos don’t require any maintenance.

And if you are in Las Vegas, you are lucky because microblading Las Vegas is easy to find and there are some of the best makeup artists offering this service here. For anyone who is hesitant to get microblading because someone told you that it could be painful, throw away these myths and listen to what we have to say.

Microblading is a pain free method and very safe in nature. The tattooist uses a special tool to make small cuts on your brows and add a pigment inside these cuts so new hair can grow to fill in empty spaces. When you first visit a makeup artist, they will talk to you about how you want your brows to be and you can let them know what your dream brows look like.

They then take you to a surgical like bed where they begin the process. The process takes almost an hour to complete and does not hurt at all. If you want to compare the pain of the cuts the tool makes, you can compare it with the pain you get when you go for threading.

After getting microblading from an expert tattooist, you must make sure that your brows don’t get wet at least for a week. The hair will start to grow in the weeks that follow and you’ll have brand new brows.