Eating healthy food means consuming a balanced diet.  A balanced diet consists of vegetables, lean meat, dairy products, eggs, etc. With the rapid growth of the processed food industry is one of the main reasons for the weaker immune system and also a primary reason for laziness among people.

Regardless of the age, sex or gender, a healthy intake of food helps a person on a daily basis in a various way. Eating healthy food is good but alongside it, regularly exercising is also important. Consuming a balanced and healthy has various positive effects on a person such as,


  • Boosts memory power-

Eating healthy food helps in increasing memory power. It reduces the risk of causing dementia and assists in maintaining a better mood, thus reducing the risk of anxiety and depression.



2) strong bones and teeth-

Food items such as low-fat dairy products, broccoli, tofu, and many others help in maintaining a proper calcium level in the body that helps maintain healthy bone and tooth condition. Consuming dates, green leave vegetables is one of the best ways to intake magnesium that help in the growth of bone density.


3) Helps prevent heart and stroke-related problems-

A research study done in Canada shows that a simple change in the routine can avoid nearly 80 percent of cardiovascular problems. Processed food contains a lot of trans fat that is harmful to the human body in many ways, one of them primarily being that it obstructs the flow of blood throughout the body. Food items such as peanuts, almonds, green leafy vegetables and many more contain Vitamin E that is useful in preventing blood clots in the body.


 4) Helps in managing diabetes –

Eating healthy food helps in maintaining the glucose level in the blood. Maintaining a healthy diet also helps in controlling the cholesterol level and blood pressure in the body. Consuming the right quality of food also assists in losing weight if required.


5) Reduces the risk of cancer-

Consumption of unhealthy processed food leads to obesity which increases the risk of developing cancer.  Phytochemicals are compounds that are found in fruits, vegetables, and nuts that act as antioxidants that protect cells from cancer.


 6) Improver longevity-

An eight-year study conducted by the American council reported that people who exercised or walked just for 30 minutes per day showed signs of living longer with a healthier immune system.


Maintaining a healthy diet on a daily basis is hard, but the rewards of it are much more. The recent increase in health issues around the world has made people health conscious. This intern is helping as people now prefer to buy and consume healthy and organic food to maintain their health.